Heating Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Furnace Making Weird Noises?

When a heating system is operating correctly, the sounds it makes should essentially fade into the background as white noise. If your furnace, heat pump, or boiler is making noticeably unusual sounds, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a system that has a damaged or loose component. This should be repaired as soon as possible, as damaged parts will quickly lead to a damaged heating system—potentially even premature heating replacement.

Should I Be Concerned About Frost on My Outdoor Heat Pump Unit?

Probably not! It’s normal for some amount of frost to form on the outdoor coil of a heat pump system. The system utilizes a defrost cycle specifically to handle this occurrence. You should only be concerned if your heat pump outdoor coil has solid ice, indicating proper defrost is not occurring.

Why Are My Heating Costs Increasing?

Higher than usual heating costs can come as a result of a wide range of issues. Some of the most common include needing a filter change, poor airflow, an older heating system that is losing efficiency, or other common forms of damage or wear.

In the case of a heat pump, it’s also possible that the outdoor temperature has reached a level that the standard operation cannot keep up with. When this happens, auxiliary heating via an attached electric heating element activates. This tends to cost a bit more to sustain a good temperature.

How Important Is Heating Maintenance?

Proper, annual heating maintenance outright prevents most common causes of heating system breakdown and disrepair. It’s an essential service for saving money, reducing the risk of losing your heating system midseason, and ensuring a long life span for your heating equipment.

My Furnace Is Leaking Water

A furnace leaking is a pretty uncommon problem. Typically, the leak is due to a gas furnace with an improperly installed flue, or if you have a high-efficiency furnace installed, one of the two heat exchangers could be damaged, which allows heated air to rapidly cool into condensation.

Water on the exterior of the furnace and on the floor near the furnace is a sign of a problem that should be corrected immediately to prevent serious corrosion.

When Should I Call for Heating Repair?

Any time you’re left without sufficient home heating you should go ahead and call for repair. It’s always best to head off problems before they get bigger and more costly, and our winters get more than cold enough to warrant calling for service right away.

We would urge you to call for heating repair or furnace repair when:

  • You see water on or below your furnace
  • Your system is making unusual noises
  • Your heating system refuses to cycle on as needed
  • Your energy or fuel costs are jumping dramatically

If you suspect you may need heating repair, call (888) 454-7365 right away! 

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