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You Love Your Country, So Love Your Planet, Too! Use These Tips to Conserve Energy this July 4th!

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Independence Day is an event rife with food, fun and festivities. Regardless of whether you’re a staunch patriot or relaxed patron, 4th of July weekend is sure to be a busy and exciting turn of the season. Unfortunately, this time of fireworks and lights can also be a time of spiked energy bills and expensive provisions. Take a leaf from our book of energy conservation this season so you can avoid the drawbacks of hosting entertainment at your home!

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Conserve Air Conditioning Energy

Whether you plan to host your bash indoors or outside, a party translates to a whole lot of traffic. Every time your door is opened it means letting loose a whole load of cooled air from your air conditioning, and soon you’re paying out the nose for every person coming and going. We’re not suggesting you police the door, but keep conservation in mind by being fully prepared.

If you’re hosting outside, be sure to have plenty of stocked coolers, loaded with all of the brews and cola you’ll be needing. If inside, be fully prepared with a full stock of everything you need. This way, you don’t have a revolving door scenario, where every partygoer is letting cool air from your air conditioning out of your home on a minute to minute basis. This may seem nitpicky, but trust us, all of that in and out will manifest in a bloated energy bill when next month rolls around.

Prepare Smart Food

Consider planning a cold meal this Fourth. No, really, hear us out. It’s the dead of summer, and the last thing on many people’s minds is piping hot dinner. Cold cuts, fresh fruit, veggie platters and ice cream are all welcome additions to your Independence Day party. And the big upside? Reduced energy costs! No running all of your kitchen appliances, no gas stoves or grills, and no getting overheated with hours of work in the kitchen! As an added bonus, cleaning up a cold meal is much, much simpler.

Budget Your Electronics Use

As another way to offset costs, evaluate what appliances and electronics you need for your 4th of July party, and then unplug the rest. The most important of these include computers, televisions, stereos and lamps that are in rooms you won’t be using. Even when turned off, appliances still suck up energy, so by unplugging a few of the most taxing, you save a bundle.

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