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Best Thermostat Setting for Spring

Our Greater Lehigh Valley weather is already on the warm-up, meaning you’ve probably already seen some of those burgeoning energy costs. But before the sting really starts to set in, the experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric have some good news for you! There is a fast, easy, and totally stress-free way to keep those costs low. Want to know how? Follow along!

Why Your Thermostat Setting Matters

More cooling equals more cost, right? But do you know exactly how much a single degree can really mean? Because it’s actually quite a lot more than most expect. Each and every degree you set your system higher accounts for a whopping eight to 12 percent increase in power usage! That means each degree you set your system higher can set you back a big buck or two, and it will add up in a real hurry.

What Is My Best Spring Thermostat Setting?

The hard part is that there’s no real definitive answer here. Some homeowners find 75 degrees perfectly palatable, while others aren’t going to be happy if the temp hits higher than 70 degrees. The best advice you can get is to try to set it as high as is comfortable to maximize both your comfort and your savings. However, this is where the good news comes in:

There’s a bunch of ways to be more comfortable in your home and to reduce cooling costs through thermostat control! You can have it all—your ideal setting and your savings. All it takes is a little know-how.

Easy Ways to Cut Costs and Keep Thermostat Temps Higher

There’s a best option here, but we’ll get to that. In the meantime, here’s some freebies that take basically nothing at all:

  • Ceiling fans. We’ve all got ceiling fans, but not many of them see enough use. When in the proper setting (counter-clockwise for the hot season) your ceiling fan can lower the perceived temperature of a room by multiple degrees, allowing you to set your thermostat higher. When utilizing this tip keep in mind that your ceiling fan should have a high efficiency motor and be operating at a low speed to see an impact.
  • Give it a break while you’re away. It’s a fact that you can lower your overall energy costs by up to 10 percent total just by setting your thermostat higher while you’re away. If you work eight hours with no one home, that’s eight hours of savings! Just be sure to not set the thermostat too high, since if it has to work too hard to get the temperature back to comfortable then you lose everything you saved.
  • Block out the sunlight. Direct sunlight can heat pump your home by multiple degrees, making a home set at 72 feel like 80! We all love natural light, but it can save you a bundle if you close off direct sunlight during the day.

Your Best Option: Window Treatments!

Wish there was a way to maximize comfort and savings in your home? Installing effective window treatments is a simple solution! There are a variety of window treatment options for you to choose from—including standard curtains, blackout curtains, and more!

Did you know 10-25% of thermal energy loss goes out the windows? Blackout curtains can trap heat in during the winter and keep light and heat out during the summer. They can even curtail this loss by a 25%, easily reducing your utility bills!

To learn more ways to maximize efficiency, contact Jack Lehr online today! Our certified HVAC tech teams make saving money easy, offering top-class solutions to homeowners in Pennsylvania and South Jersey!