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How to Stay Cool Without Spending a Fortune

When summer strikes the Greater Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, every homeowner has the same objective. Stay cool, stay comfortable, but don’t go broke doing it! This makes us resort to all sorts of plans and methods; some of which work, while others might be little more than superstition. So how can you tell the difference? What tips and tricks actually work?

The certified HVAC experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric are here to provide some answers! We’ve built a list of the top most effective methods of staying cool this season. Better yet, we’ve found the options that don’t burn a hole in your wallet!

Best Methods of Staying Cool: Quick Tricks

These are some of our favorite and most effective methods of keeping cool without any new toys or installations:

  • Cover your windows. During the day, it’s nice to have a little natural light and sunshine. It’s known to boost moods, after all. Unfortunately, that light has an adverse effect on the temperature in your home. Direct sunlight generates thermal energy, and will directly impact the air temperature of your home. By keeping windows covered during the day, you can drops your home’s temperature by degrees.
  • Use less electricity. This can save you loads of cash twofold. Not only will you spend less on electricity, but heavy appliances generate heat simply by operating. Think about how hot a kitchen can get when dinner is being prepared. Hot, right? Well, it doesn’t take an oven to produce temperature-impacting changes on your home! Televisions, computers, drying machines, dishwashers; these all generate appreciable amounts of heat.
  • Keep ceiling fans running. Contrary to general belief, fans do not actually make rooms cooler. But to your body, they make them feel much cooler. Moving air across the human body aids in dumping heat, and moving it away from your skin. Think of it like an exhaust system, or how your air conditioner’s external unit works.

Install New Air Conditioning Systems

Given any thought to a new air conditioning unit lately? You probably should! New systems become stronger and more sophisticated yearly. And better yet, they become more efficient as well! This means higher quality cooling, at less cost, making an air conditioner installation a good option when trying to beat the heat. And if you haven’t looked into a new air conditioning unit in the past eight to ten years, you’re long overdue anyway!

You might consider a dehumidification appliance or system as well. High humidity impedes our body’s ability to rid itself of heat, stopping sweat from evaporating properly and doing its job. While your air conditioner dehumidifies your home air to a degree, it’s a secondary effect to its primary. You’ll get better, cooler results with an appliance that is dedicated to the process.

Air Conditioner Installation with Jack Lehr

If you’ve decided that a new air conditioning unit sounds like a good plan going into this summer, contact our experts right away! We carry all of the skill and experience needed to ensure you get the system that fits your needs and your home perfectly!