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Frequently Asked Questions about Heating Systems

At Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric, we strive to provide full service home comfort solutions. Below, we’ve answered some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions. Keep checking back, as we will be adding more answers and insight over time.

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When should I replace my current heating system?

If your heating system is more than 15 years old, then it may be time to look into purchasing a more energy efficient model. Every few years, new technology is created, making heating systems work smarter rather than harder. These new systems can save you a lot of money.

Another reason you may want to consider replacing your system is if your current heating system is in need of constant repairs, or it is not heating your home sufficiently.

Why is there a burning smell when I turned on my heat?

Your heating system sits there during the warmer months, not working. It is normal to smell a dusty, burning type smell when you first turn your heating system on for the year, however if this smell persists, so that you are still smelling it every time you turn the heat on, you may want to have your heat looked at by a professional. Any gas smells should be taken care of straight away as this may be a more serious issue.

There is hot air coming out of the vents, but my house won’t stay warm. What is happening?

If your heat is blowing hot air but your thermostat just can’t get to the right temperature, there may be energy leaks in your home. This may be happening through windows or doors, or through other areas that are not properly sealed. By having a professional conduct an energy audit, you can find out where these energy leaks are coming from and get them sealed. After that, your heating system can sufficiently warm your house, without all of the extra struggle (or cost in energy bills!).

Can I close the vents in a room I am not heating?

You can close some of the registers in your home, however closing more than one third of the registers will allow too much pressure to gather inside your ducts.  This forces your systems blower fan to have to work much harder just to get the air through the open registers. Although this may work in the short term, in the long term it causes undue wear and tear to the blower fan and you will find you will have to replace the blower fan much sooner than you usually would. A zoning system can help you efficiently and safely keep different areas of your room at different temperatures.

What temperature should I set my thermostat at in the winter?

There is no correct answer to this question, how warm you keep your home will depend on your individual comfort levels and how much you wish to spend on heating. During the day, most people will feel comfortable with their thermostat between 68 – 72 degrees, while at night, many homeowners will go down to the high 50’s. It is a good idea to not let your home get cooler than 55 degrees as this may cause other issues such as frozen pipes. A programmable thermostat can help you keep your home warm, only when needed, saving you money.