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Don’t Make These Thermostat Mistakes

A lot of blog content on heating and cooling sites (ours included, of course!) has put huge emphasis on energy-efficiency and green heating options. For good reason, of course, as energy demands rise over the years, we’re all looking for ways to reduce bills and improve the longevity of our heating and cooling systems. Trouble is, a lot of the advice given involves extensive personal effort, or maybe even replacing your system.

You might find yourself thinking “where are the easy fixes?”

Well, worry not, we’ve got one for you! Aside from proper maintenance, replacing windows, adding on to your home, etc, did you know you can improve the efficiency of your system by avoiding common thermostat mistakes? It’s true, and the experts at Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling and Electric are here to clue you in!

Common Thermostat Problems and Mistakes

When operating your thermostat, avoid:

  • The “year long” standard. Many homeowners with a furnace like to keep their homes at a static temperature year round. Makes sense, as keeping  a set standard allows the system to maintain consistency, yes? Well, the idea is sound, but in actuality you’re making your system work harder than it needs to. When sleeping or away from home, turn your temperature down. This saves you money on energy costs, and allows your unit a period of rest, so it doesn’t burn out early! * If you have a heat pump, however, you should keep your home at a consistent temperature, in order to keep your auxiliary heat from driving your energy costs too high.
  • Leaving your system’s fan running at all times. This is not only a costly mistake in the finance department, it will also force your unit to over work, eventually leading to a repair and replacement situation years before it should even be an issue.
  • Owning an outdated thermostat system. Your furnace might not need to be replaced any time soon, but your thermostat is another story. These are two completely separate systems that simply work in-tandem. You might not only be missing out on the latest in smart settings and savings, but your thermostat could be wearing out, causing it to give poor temperature readings that can lead to HVAC overworking.

Solve Your Thermostat Problems in the Greater Lehigh Valley with Jack Lehr

If you’ve noticed increased costs in heating or cooling, but you know for a fact that your system is working optimally, a thermostat problem might be the answer! Contact our professionals today to learn more about thermostat problems in your Pennsylvania or New Jersey home, or to set an appointment!

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