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Wish You Had a Better Way to Keep Cool When You Need AC Repairs?

You’ll Never Believe How These 10 Animals Beat the Heat!

Summer can be downright hot and uncomfortable, especially when you have a broken air conditioner or are waiting on air conditioning repairs. Animals have amazing ways to stay cool and while you may not want to result to pooping or panting, these amazing facts can help take your mind of the heat.

Unfortunately, humans can’t use their ears or wings to keep cool, so when your air conditioner needs repairs, contact Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric!

10 Amazing Ways Animals Keep Cool

  1. Storks have an unusual way of cooling off. They actually poop down their legs! This works because their poop is mainly liquid, and cools them through evaporation—as their poop dries the heat is carried away.
  2. Rolling in some mud is a great way to cool off according to many animals, including pigs, hippos, and buffalo. The cooling happens as the water from the mud evaporates. Heat is carried away and the core body temperature drops.
  3. If you have big ears, you may be able to stay cooler easier—at least in the animal kingdom, anyway. Animals such as Jackrabbits can regulate their body temperatures easier thanks to the extensive network of blood vessels found in their ears.
  4. For the bird species that think pooping down their legs is very uncouth, gular fluttering is the way to go. Gular fluttering consists of vibrations made in the birds’ throats. These vibrations expose throat membranes to air, increasing evaporation and helping to efficiently cool the bird down.
  5. Estivation is one of those animal methods that you may feel like copying. The opposite of hibernation, estivation is sleeping through hot temperatures. It works to slow down the animal’s metabolism and reduce energy usage.
  6. Panting is used by both canines and birds to help cool off. Panting helps these animals get rid of the hot air while drawing in cooler air.
  7. If you have ever seen a picture of a Moose standing in water, then you have seen a picture of Moose-made air conditioning. Moose will wade in the water for hours just to keep their cool.
  8. Butterflies use their wings to protect their stomachs from the sun. This helps keep their body temperatures down and helps them stay cool.
  9. As well as using their ears to keep them cool, elephants have worked out that coating themselves in dust or mud keeps the harsh sun from hitting their skin, keeping them cooler.
  10. Licking your forearms is a great way to cool off, according to kangaroos. This evaporative cooling method works through keeping their legs and paws wet.

Can’t Cool Off? Call Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric to Repair Your Air Conditioner!

If you need air conditioning repairs, you may feel like you need to resort to some of these wonderfully weird ways just to keep cool. However, there is really no need to act like the animals! Instead, contact Jack Lehr Heating, Cooling & Electric to have your air conditioning repairs taken care of. We can help you feel comfortable through the hot summer days.